Salon Dinner: Becoming the CEO of Your Own Health

Innovation as an Accelerator for Self-Care & Wellbeing

Becoming the CEO of Your Own Health

Tech Innovation as an Accelerator for Self-Care and Well-Being

The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed. The acceleration of innovative technologies—especially in the last 18 months alone—have the potential to revolutionize how we approach well-being, self-care, and preventive medicine in general. As a result, entrepreneurs and leaders are finding new ways every day to make you the CEO of your own health. But there is more to health than the absence of disease. 

This Salon will convene an intimate group of leading executives, founders of innovative companies, and experts as we navigate the next horizon of:

  • The future of longevity
  • Human health and environment
  • Social determinants of health

And the best place to start is by exploring what allows people to attain and maintain health in the long term.

Is it nutrition? Is it tech?

Is it education and awareness?

Exponential technologies do come with their pitfalls. The concern that AI can perpetuate bias and discrimination is not new. What can we do to increase transparency and accountability in the design and deployment of AI systems so that the future arrives well for all members of society? How are we going to navigate this next horizon? This meeting is organized through Diplomatic Courier’s World in 2050 campaign, which aims to create a safe lane for dialogue across generations, industries, and countries around the most important issues that will determine what kind of future we will land on by the year 2050, while capturing the zeitgeist of the moment.

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