Innovation Labs

How do we innovate for a future that is more Star Trek and less Mad Max

Building better futures together.

Our innovation labs are multi-year collective intelligence spaces where we experiment on how to build better future outcomes for our society’s biggest problems. This year’s labs include: the Governance Lab, Disinformation Lab, and Education Lab.


Democracy has been with us for thousands of years but its place has always been tenuous. Its strength and endurance comes from vigilant maintenance and forward thinking about how to protect it and pass it along stronger to the generations to come.


Mis- and Disinformation are disrupting stock markets and fueling political distrust. Yet we cannot effectively combat misinformation until we broadly agree on a common understanding of what it is, something made more tenuous with AI and other tech.


COVID-19 has hit the most vulnerable children hardest and exposed the worsening inequality of learning opportunities. We must now heed these harsh lessons and transform education systems to make them more equitable, effective, and resilient.