Salon Dinner: Accelerating Investment in Women’s Health

Healthy Women, Healthy Societies


The Case for Accelerating Investment in Women’s Health

November 7, 2023
New York City

Women are more than half the population and workforce, 60% of our wealth holders, 85% of our spenders, and make 80% of healthcare decisions, but current health systems and society at large aren’t set up to account for women’s unique health challenges, resulting in fewer innovations and investment in women’s health.

The WHAM Report ( shows that funding women’s health research isn’t just good science, it is a better investment, with investing $350 million in women’s health generating $14 billion to the economy.

This Salon Dinner and Dialogue is an opportunity to bring together leaders from the healthcare and investment communities who are shifting the landscape for the health of women through investment in start-ups, along with new voices passionate about investing financially, intellectually, and ethically to drive much-needed change.

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