UNGA79: Global Goals in Action Forum – The Tech Contest of our Times

Exponential Tech Radically Reshaping the World | SDG 8 & SDG 9

Rising to the technological contest of our times is about spurring more equitable economic growth, making people owners rather than technological serfs, and harnessing otherwise stranded assets and aspirations. In today’s society, participation is nearly impossible without access to digital platforms. The pandemic exacerbated existing inequalities stemming from disparities in connectivity. An updated 21st-century social safety net should include universal access to high-speed, low-cost internet; a basic computer or tablet to get online; and foundational digital government and financial services. Only then can the world fully engage with the exponential technologies radically reshaping the world. The question is: how do we get there?

Are we on the right track to solve the SDGs by 2030?

How do our — individual and organizational — goals align with the SDGs?

How can we create uncommon collaborations?

The Global Goals in Action 2024 is a series of forums that bring together leaders from boardrooms and C-Suite, UN Member States, UN agencies, and international organizations so that they can leverage their experience, access to market, and resources towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Series provides several opportunities to delegates and speakers to:

  • Showcase their leadership and projects advancing the Global Goals.
  • Expose their work to leaders in the UN global community.
  • Position themselves as leaders to a high-level audience.
  • Be exposed to other projects, partners, and opportunities.


Ana Rold
CEO & Founder
Diplomatic Courier & World in 2050

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