UNGA79: Global Goals in Action Forum – The Global State of Wellbeing

Individual and societal wellbeing at an inflection point | SDG 3 & SDG 17

There is more to health than the absence of disease. Beyond innovation and financing, the future of wellbeing centers on an elevated sense of purpose in life. Research points to increased longevity and less physical illness for those who experience this. It also resonates with the trend of “primordial prevention.” Traditional healthcare has focused on primary prevention—intervening before a disease is developed—or secondary intervention—working to prevent the progression of a disease. Primordial prevention, on the other hand, looks at prevention of the risk factors in the first place. Adopting a new, comprehensive approach to health is vital for individuals and society to thrive, not just survive.

Are we on the right track to solve the SDGs by 2030?

How do our — individual and organizational — goals align with the SDGs?

How can we create uncommon collaborations?

The Global Goals in Action 2024 is a series of forums that bring together leaders from boardrooms and C-Suite,
UN Member States, UN agencies, and international organizations so that they can leverage their experience,

access to market, and resources towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Series provides several opportunities to delegates and speakers to:

  • Showcase their leadership and projects advancing the Global Goals.
  • Expose their work to leaders in the UN global community.
  • Position themselves as leaders to a high-level audience.
  • Be exposed to other projects, partners, and opportunities.


Ana Rol
CEO & Founder
Diplomatic Courier & World in 2050

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